6 App Security Trends From OWASP Top 10 2019,

In 1984, when William Gibson was a science fiction writer, the cyberhacker world wasn’t as strong as it is today. He wrote that Cyberspace is a consensual hallucination that millions of legitimate cyberhackers experience daily, in every country, and children are taught mathematical concepts. The counterculture of illegitimate interlopers, who attempt daily to disrupt the legitimate business of the internet, […]

5G Security: What you Need to Know

Implementing a network is a risky venture. One company might be eager to roll out 5G infrastructure. A user may jump at the opportunity to get a new 5G phone. When adopting new technology, one should not ignore the warning signs. It is important to know the depth of the water before you jump in. Unprepared people could face security […]

5G Rollout: What Can You Expect?

We are nearing the rollout of 5G networks. This grand project promises many amazing benefits for users around the world. However, as with any new technology, the vision may not always be realized. Every innovation will face challenges, some of them unexpected and some of them anticipated. What is the current state of 5G development and implementation? Let’s take a […]

5 Ways Windows Server has Evolved

Since Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the main operating system used to host a server-client-based network, more than a decade has passed. There have been several versions since 2008, 2012 and 2016. Microsoft has made it easier for administrators to manage users, resources and networks as the operating system evolves. Here are five ways that the server operating system has improved […]

5 Ways to Secure Environments With Azure

Cloud applications are becoming increasingly vulnerable to data breaches, so it is essential that the enterprise network has someone who understands security and can protect it from attackers. Microsoft-based applications rely on Azure. Therefore, IT professionals need to be familiar with the details of Azure data protection. Microsoft’s most recent certification covers security fundamentals in Azure. Here are some security […]

5 Ways to Monitor Activity at Palo Alto Firewalls

Palo Alto firewalls provide intelligence about user patterns and traffic to speed up incident response. They offer informative and customizable reports. Monitoring activity on the network can be done using reports, logs and the dashboard. You can monitor logs and filter the information to create reports with custom or predefined views. A user can use predefined templates to generate reports […]

5 Ways Companies Can Protect Their Networks From Cyberattacks

Recent events in Eastern Europe have led to both the public and private sectors scrambling for cybersecurity protections. The alarm has been raised by the U.S. Intelligence Service and National Security Agency. They are worried that Russia might use cyberattacks to retaliate against other nations. Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has been subject to constant denial-of-service attacks. Although there hasn’t […]

Five Ways AI is ushering in a new age of cybersecurity

ITChronicles reports that a new cyberattack occurs every 40 seconds. This means that hackers are almost certain to target your company. It’s not only this that hackers can be very successful in hacking your organization. Even the best cybersecurity teams will have trouble keeping track of every security threat discovered by their system. It’s often not discovered until much later […]

5 Tools to Ensure Effective Cloud Testing

Testing should not be done at the end. Testing should start as soon as the development process begins. Software development should include load testing, unit testing and all other testing throughout the product’s lifecycle. It is not uncommon to see the majority of testing at the end of a project. This is asking for trouble. Continuous testing and integration are […]

Five Tips to Help You Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration tool that organizations are turning to to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their teams. There is a growing demand for IT professionals who can efficiently administer SharePoint as more businesses use it. Five tips will help you build your career with this amazing tool. SharePoint is a Big World It is not difficult to […]