Effective Tips to Prepare for the PMP (r) Exam

Effective Tips to Prepare for the PMP (r) Exam It is crucial to find the right materials to study for the exam. However, it can be difficult to do so with so many options. If you are preparing to take an exam that you have never taken before, it is a good idea to get the perspective of a professional […]

Effective ways to work with remote project teams

Effective ways to work with remote project teams Introduction In my twenty-years of project management, I have seen significant changes in the way we engage teams and hold them accountable. Remote work in the face coronavirus disease 2019 has been a more dramatic and immediate evolution than any other. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome […]

Project Management that Delivers Outstanding Results

Project Management that Delivers Outstanding Results Project management is a hot topic. Project management has been associated with the delivery of successful projects and exceptional results. What is it about project managing that everyone keeps talking about? Every book on project management talks about the many techniques, tools, and processes that can help make projects successful. Managers and other professionals […]

Economics 101 for Project Managers

Share with OthersEconomics is a social science that studies the making of choices under constraints. Every day, economic decisions are made by project, program, or portfolio managers. We strive to maximize value delivery within the constraints of time and cost, quality, risk, resource availability, and risk. Economics can help project managers make better decisions. It gives project managers a framework […]

Earned Value Management: What does it mean in Project Management?

Earned Value Management: What does it mean in Project Management? Today, projects are an essential part of any organization’s ability to achieve its strategic and operational objectives. Companies should follow the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) project management guidelines and principles in PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge). These project management principles and approaches will allow an organization to manage and […]

5 Best AWS Networking Softwares

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a world-famous cloud provider, is widely recognized. However, if you are new to AWS and cloud terminology, it can be confusing and difficult to understand the concepts. However, you will find that the technologies are constructed with elements similar to those found in an on-premise network environment. Let’s start by introducing five of the most important […]

5 Best AWS Developer Tools

AWS has maintained its dominance in the cloud market despite increased competition. AWS isn’t resting on its laurels though. The performance of AWS is constantly improving as new services are added. Although AWS strives to make things easy for developers, the platform can be difficult to use. It’s constantly being updated. AWS offers a variety tools to assist AWS developers […]

5 Amazing AWS Storage Types

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most popular cloud service provider, has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years as businesses realize the benefits of outsourcing their IT solutions to a trusted provider. Amazon has built its reputation by providing top-quality services through its tech offerings. Amazon offers cloud storage at an affordable price with unmatched […]

Four Ways to Apply Cloud Updates

If you’ve been in IT for a while, you will be able to recall a time when a patch was installed on Friday and then brought down a production system on Monday. Stakeholders are often surprised when developers tell them that a software update is necessary. Most stakeholders believe it’s better for current software versions to be maintained than to […]

There are 4 Things to Remember When Using Palo Alto Virtual Firewalls

The VM-Series virtual firewalls by Palo Alto Networks can be used in both public and private cloud environments. They use the same version PAN-OS as physical firewall devices and offer the same basic functionality. Depending on the hosting environment, certain functionalities may not be possible or implemented in a different way. For example, most public cloud providers only support Layer […]