12 Project Management Tips to Increase Productivity

Project managers spend a lot of time on email, chat sessions and sending messages. They also deal with clients and monitor the team. Many project managers are faced with low productivity and problems in projectplanning. These managers must also be able to think of innovative solutions. This article will provide you with project management tips to increase productivity. 1. Believe […]

11 Tips to Communicate Effectively With Clients and Team Members

Hello! I have been a project manager for about a year. Some projects went well, Ai the product avoided any pitfalls and now it thrives. Others were plagued by unprofessional conduct and stupid mistakes. I enjoy my job, and I don’t mind analyzing my mistakes to find the root cause. It’s quite common for someone else to misunderstand something. It […]

11 Signs you need a tool for managing your work

1) Forgetting important information/tasks If you have a lot to do, it can be difficult managing multiple client interactions. It can be tedious to track team tasks and manually manage them manually, as people have limited memories. It is impossible to recall every interaction or detail of work. It is important to transfer vital information/data to an external brain. The […]

11 Career Opportunities in Project Management

Project management is a broad field that offers many career options. There are many career options in this field. No matter your level of experience, project management can take you in many directions. Continue reading: Best Project Management Certifications 2022 Entry-level Project Management Jobs As a project manager, you can gain experience and present yourself to the boss. Assistant Project […]

11 Leadership Qualities of a Great Project Manager

Congratulations! Congratulations! You have been promoted to project manager. Congratulations! It’s something you’ve long longed for and you definitely deserve it. There will be adjustments. Leadership is different than what you have done before. Your technical skills and ability take orders are not helpful when you’re delegating. Interpersonal skills are crucial. It doesn’t matter what project management tools you have. […]

AZ-304 Study Guide: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Microsoft offers many services to businesses that need cloud solutions. Microsoft also offers a series role-based certification courses that enable professionals to master each one of these services. We live in a constantly changing and evolving market. Microsoft regularly updates its courses to keep up with changing business needs. It includes course material that will help professionals learn specific operations […]

AZ-204 Developing Solutions For Microsoft Azure – Is It Worth It?

A Microsoft Azure certification is a great choice in today’s technological world. Many are shifting towards cloud computing because of the technological advancements in various industries. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to access services with a single click. Cloud computing also allows multiple teams to access files and resources quickly and allows them to upload as many data as […]

AWS: 1 Month for $1

Jeremy Cioara is excited about his new CBT Nuggets series “Amazon Web Services AWS Foundations”. It’s only $1! Enjoy a month of access to this series for just $1 during October. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most popular cloud service. It includes Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2), as well as other features. Jeremy Cioara, one […]

Average annual salary of CISSP-certified professionals in 2022

Security professionals can earn many credentials throughout their careers. Among all the certifications they have, the CISSP certification makes them one of the most sought-after experts in cybersecurity. Multiple levels of research, including (ISC2) third-party studies and benchmarking survey results, have provided an estimate of how much a certified CISSP specialist earns in different countries. The (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study […]

The Data Analyst Associate Certification has a new name

Microsoft announced that its certification strategy was changing significantly between the end of 2021, and the beginning 2022. Microsoft will no longer base their certifications on different tools and solutions such as Power BI, SQL Server, or SQL Server. Instead, it will base its solutions on different IT roles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Developer. The old exams and […]