New Feature: Activity List and “Undo”, Now Live

It’s now easier to track and monitor changes made to a project. No more opening your chart hoping that no changes were made. Or having to manually back up the project using multiple PDF exports or CSV files. This will make it easier to compare different stages of an ongoing project. TeamGantt’s new change tracking system makes it easy to […]

New Dashboard!

We are thrilled to have released a new dashboard last week. The new dashboard provides a quick overview of each project. It shows you how many tasks you have been assigned, how many are still available in all active projects, who has been invited to each project, and other details. Select All Projects: We added the popular “Select All Projects” […]

Nailing Requirements (with Kelly Suter from BI Worldwide) – The Digital Project Manager

This podcast is part a published article on The Digital Project Manager. You can read the entire article here. Clarizen, a leader in enterprise project management software and enterprise projects, brings you this podcast. has more information Similar Links: Clarizen – Project Management Software 16 Amazing Project Management Software Tools How to Estimate Projects: The Complete Guide to Project […]

How to Make the Transition from Agile to Agile in Your Organization

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work. Life isn’t linear. However, your career path as project manager might have looked like this. Here are some examples of what your career as a project manager could look like. It seems like a good life. You are involved in interesting projects with great people. You are able […]

My Favorite Lies and Other Project Stories

A good story can make a difference in driving your project to a positive end result. Stories can be used to explain complex concepts, foster comradery, incite people to take action, and make project goals tangible and real. To get the right response in a given situation, stories can grow taller. Is there a line between narrativizing your own experiences […]

A checklist to help you choose the right project management software

Businesses have become more diverse and dynamic in recent years. Operation has gone mobile. Work teams are scattered all over the globe and are now working on the move. ISV’s responded by creating a new generation in Project Management software. This software aims to be more functionally sophisticated and less complex. Project Managers and team members now have a variety […]

10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares

Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their desktops/mobile screens with other participants. Screen sharing software allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues, whether you’re giving a presentation or conducting a webinar. Screen sharing software allows presenters to share their screens with others or projecting devices. This software is especially useful for companies with hybrid or remote work cultures. […]

Top 4 Free Calendar Software

Calendar software allows users schedule appointments, events, tasks, and more. Calendar software is a valuable addition to any tech stack, whether you’re a service-based company owner or a contributor who struggles to manage deadlines, milestones, and meetings simultaneously. This software can help you solve scheduling issues like overscheduling, last minute cancellations, and missing out at upcoming events. Calendar software lets […]

How social media can improve project productivity

If you’re a US citizen, 74% of Americans use social media. This number jumps to 89% if you are under the age of 29. It’s 2014, folks, and it’s now that project managers need to start tweeting. Can social media really help projects to stay on track? Yes, social media can help projects stay on track. Team communication is key […]