AWS Launches Next Generation GPU Instances

Amazon Web Services (AWS), this week announced a new Elastic Compute Cloud instance family (EC2) for graphics-intensive workloads. According to Friday’s announcement by AWS, the new G3 instances “make obtaining a powerful combination central processing (CPU), random-access memory(RAM) easy.” The G3 is available from AWS’ Northern Virginia and Northern California regions, Ohio, Oregon and Ireland, and U.S. GovCloud areas. It […]

AWS Launches a New Quick Start for Data Warehouse Deployments. Using the new Quick Start, it is now easier to deploy a modern enterprise data store on Amazon Web Services Inc.’s (AWS) cloud. Quick Starts are developed in collaboration with partners and provide automated reference deployments for specific cloud workloads. This simplifies the process of configuring, configuring, and running projects with the required AWS resources. The “Modern Data Warehouse” Quick Start for deploying an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is built on Amazon Redshift, which also includes Tableau Server’s data visualization and analytics capabilities. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] Data Warehouse Quick Start Architecture (source AWS) It includes:

Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse that provides enterprise-class relational database queries and management systems. Tableau Server is used for business intelligence (BI), data visualization capabilities, and a Tableau Server sample dashboard that shows how to connect to multiple AWS data sources. A sample dataset that is loaded to an Amazon Redshift cluster for efficient creation of large-scale aggregates. Developers […]

AWS Launches a New EC2 Instance to Support SAP Workloads

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), five months after launching its smallest EC2 type, unveiled Wednesday its largest — the X1. This first X1 instance (x1.32xlarge) is a memory-optimized instance designed to support heavy workloads and Big Data engines, high performance computing, and in-memory database. It supports SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite on HANA, and also supports SAP Business Warehouse […]

AWS Launches a New Cert for DevOps Engineers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc. launched Thursday the new “AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional” certification. According to Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, the certification is meant to validate an IT pro’s “technical knowledge in provisioning and operating, as well as managing distributed application systems on AWS platform.” It is designed to identify individuals who can implement and manage systems that are […]

AWS Launches the.NET 6 Runtime to Lambda Amazon Web Services is enabling.NET-centric cloud developers to complete their serverless computing projects using the latest version of Microsoft’s open-source developer platform. The cloud giant has just launched the.NET 6 runtime to AWS Lambda. AWS announced that the new managed runtime is compatible with both Arm/Graviton2 and x86 processors in a blog post on February 24th. “You can start with.NET 6 or Lambda using your choice of tool, including Visual Studio 2022 with AWS Toolkit For Visual Studio, the.NET CLI and the Amazon.Lambda.Tools worldwide tool and the AWS Serverless Application Model CLI(AWS SAM CLI). Amazon’s extensive.NET documentation on AWS provides all the information you need to use Microsoft’s flagship runtime/developer platform in the AWS cloud. This includes serverless, event-driven computing. AWS documentation shows, for instance, how an old monolithic.NET API project was migrated over to AWS Lambda. (source: AWS). To see a larger version, click on the image. Architecture after migrating to Lambda (source : AWS). This results in a hexagonal pattern of architecture: [Click image for larger view.] The Hexagonal Architecture Pattern (source : AWS). AWS.NET6 support on AWS documentation states: “You can run.NET6 applications targeting x86_64 (AWS Graviton2) on AWS Lambda using any one of the following options.

Managed Runtime – This option uses file archive to deploy the package. Managed base container image – Pull from the ECR Public Gallery, or use the.NET container image Blueprint in AWS Toolkit Visual Studio. Create a custom container image – This will allow you to include the.NET 6 application inside a container image. This PowerShell script will create a.NET6 […]

AWS launches Managed Firewall Service to Protect Virtual Private Clouds

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud security tool provider, has launched AWS Network Firewall. This managed service is specifically designed for AWS Virtual Private Cloud customers (VPC). Network Firewall allows users to “an easier way of scaling network security across all resources in their workload, regardless which AWS services were used,” AWS stated in a blog post this week. Users […]

Global Knowledge

ITIL(r), 4 represents new ways to work that have evolved with the digital revolution. ITIL, in particular, is still a key tool for Service Management. However, you can now integrate its use with a wide range of new ways to work (DevOps and Agile, SIAM and Site Reliability Engineering). A lot of new and improved technologies have emerged since ITIL […]

ITIL 4 guiding principles in 30 mins. A quick overview of ITIL 4 Service Value Systems in 30 mins. This is a part of the core guidance of ITIL4. This webinar shows you how this guidance could be used in your organization.

Instructor: Brian Bourne – Certified ITIL V2/V3/V4 service manager, ITIL expert, ITIL Managing professional- Certified DevOps and Verism, Agile and Scrum- Member of CCC (Cloud Credential Council – Certified Lead Auditor / Consultant ISO/IEC 2000 – Accredited ITIL instructor and consultant- ITIL Training Programs Developer – Global ITIL Training & Consulting Experience – 35 years experience in different facets of […]

ITIL 4 Foundation now addresses evolving best practices

IT best practices have evolved just as the IT environment has changed over the past decade. ITIL(r), Foundation is a key industry staple. It provides a lifecycle for IT services management and prepares professionals to become ITIL certified. It’s now getting an upgrade. ITIL 4 Foundation was officially launched on February 28, 2019. This update, which is the first since […]

ITIL(r), 4 Education: What’s next?

ITIL 4 education has been slowly revealed for nearly 12 months. The halfway point is nearing, so I’m committing my thoughts and Global Knowledge’s thoughts for printing. I also have some tips to help you continue your ITIL education. ITIL 4 Foundation – A true bedrock I will admit that I was surprised by many aspects of the ITIL 4 […]