What is Amazon Mobile Hub? Amazon Mobile Hub allows you to quickly and easily build, test, and monitor the usage of mobile apps. It allows users to easily integrate AWS services into their mobile app. Mobile Hub allows you test your app on real devices and provides analytics to track the app’s usage. Mobile Hub allows users focus on building the app, rather than worrying about the infrastructure. It manages the infrastructure by provisioning, configuring, and managing it. This AWS service can be used to create Android and iOS apps. These services are available through Mobile Hub. Amazon Mobile Hub allows users the ability to integrate AWS services into their Android or iOS applications. These services include Amazon Cognito, AWS service for user login. Facebook, Google+, and custom login are supported at the moment. Amazon S3 is an object storage service provided by AWS. Amazon SNS: Push notifications services from AWS. AWS Lambda is a compute service that allows users to upload code and AWS runs the code as needed. Amazon CloudFront: A global or single-location CDN for the application. Amazon Mobile Analytics: This service allows you to measure app usage, revenue, and many other metrics. Amazon Device Farm: Mobile application testing using real devices hosted in AWS. Use CaseAWS Mobile hub is used to create an application where users can authenticate using their Facebook id. The application will allow users to upload and save media in AWS S3. For each activity in S3, the user will receive an email notification.

– iOS o Xcode IDE, (Integrated Development Environment). o Xcode 7.0 and newer – Android Android Studio 1.4 or higher Android SDK 4.4 KitKat API Level 19 or Newer o Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.1 Android Device with Android OS 4.0.3 (IceCreamSandwich), API Level 15 or Newer Let’s start with creating the project. Go to the AWS management console and select […]

What is Agile? Understanding Agile Methodology and Its Types

Software capabilities are at an all-time high. This capable and smart software has been made possible due to framework models such as Agile Methodologies.Multiple methodologies are inspired by the Agile Framework. History of software development models Software development was a new field that emerged in the early 1900s. It evolved over the years to become a highly sophisticated form. Today, […]

What is a SOC analyst? All You Need to Know

An SOC analyst is an IT security/cybersecurity expert who works in a group to combat threats to an establishment’s IT infrastructure, and to assess security structures and processes for possible faults and improvements. The SOC team is made up of several security professionals and analysts. They usually work in one office. SOC analysts can be a step in your career […]

What is a Network Administrator? A Career Guide

Most business organizations today rely on a robust computer network and a variety of devices to support their day-today operations. Network administrators are information system professionals responsible for building and maintaining enterprise-level networks. To help you build a career as a network administrator, it is important to understand what they do. You must understand all aspects of a career as […]

What is a Data Engineer? : What Is a Data Engineer?

Data engineering is the art of creating and storing large amounts of data. It can be used in almost any industry. Today’s enterprises have many data sources and large amounts of raw data. These data must be processed and analysed by skilled professionals who have the right technology. Data scientists and analysts are responsible to process this data in order […]

What jobs are possible with Comptia Security+ Certifications?

Security+ certification is the industry standard for Cyber Security certifications. It covers six essential security areas. These are: PKI and Cryptography Threats, Attacks, & Vulnerabilities Risk Management Management of Access and Identity Architecture and Design Technologies and Tools Security+ Certified Experts: Job Forecast There is a growing market for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals. Cyber Security specialists are a job segment […]

What it means to be an digital project manager

What is a digital project manager? A digital project manager oversees the planning, tracking and delivery of tech-related projects, which are often done online. They can work with clients, or lead an internal team to build a product. Their goal is the exact same: To ensure that the project goes smoothly, on budget, and without stress. Digital project management goes […]

What is Scaled Agile Framework(r)? Explained to Project Managers

The world has changed. This is why? Smartsheet transforms your work. Scrum, Kanban, Lean…and now SAFe(r). The SAFe framework is now available at the project methodology party. Let’s not forget anyone. My experience as a project manager includes both large corporations (global enterprise) and smaller organizations (start-ups). To help teams get their work done, I have used agile delivery frameworks […]

What is the purpose and function of a Project Kickoff Meeting.

The world has changed. This is why? Smartsheet transforms your work. Any project kickoff meeting should have a purpose. Different outcomes can be expected depending on the project and the needs your stakeholders. The purpose of the project kickoff meeting has relevance in the context of project management, project initiation, and project management. What is the purpose of a project […]