With training from New Horizons, you can beat the year-end IT budget crunch!

It’s that time again! Technology training budgets are about to expire. New Horizons can help you maximize your training dollars if your company is under pressure. New Horizons can help you turn procrastination to productivity, from security+ training to ensure compliance to the most recent VMWare Certified VCPS training to training your employees in Office 365. Don’t let your training […]

8 Tips for better ransomware defenses and responses[INFOGRAPHIC]

Ransomware attacks are not just a “smash and grab” attack. These cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated. Here are eight ways you can protect your data from them. IDENTIFY ATTACKERS’ ONGOING CAPABILITIESEXPECT DATA EXFILTRATIONLEARN FROM OTHERS’ MISTAKESASSUME ATTACKERS STILL HAVE ACCESSMOVE QUICKLYMONITOR FOR ODD EVENTSPREPARE A SECURE COMMUNICATIONS CHANNELDON’T RESTORE, REBUILD Click image to download 8 Tips to Improve Ransomware Defenses […]

Three Things to Consider When You Get Ready to Upgrade To Windows 11

Microsoft officially released the latest version of its Windows Operating System on October 5, 2021. There are many great updates that will make users’ lives easier, but you might be curious about what IT means. 1. Make sure that all devices meet the minimum requirements. Windows 11 can only be run on computers that meet the minimum hardware requirements. It […]

Three Reasons Your Company Needs ITIL (r)

Implementing ITIL(r) (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) IT executives are constantly looking for new ways to manage their departments in today’s environment of tight budgets, delayed project completions, and staff reductions. Technical competence is not enough. IT organizations must not just focus on technology but also people and processes. ITIL is the most accepted approach to IT service management. It is […]

10 Years of your Success in the Making

ANAHEIM (CA) – A team of 58 employees joined forces to make an unforgettable career shift on June 1, 2007. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Laguna Niguel, CA. They recently began franchising their 300 locations. Kevin Landry, a former telecommunications and sales leader saw the opportunity to make an impact in the businesses and […]

These are the Best Universities for Technical Degrees

Are you interested in a technical degree to help you become a network engineer or systems engineer? There are many options available to you so let me ask: How do you know if this is the right decision for you? When you choose what is best, everything from reputation to distance could be in play. What should you look for […]

Marcus Mapes: People of Zero to Engineer

I didn’t have any IT education growing up. However, I did have some computer-loving friends who showed me things and that’s what got me started in IT. Even though they were only middle school kids, they could build computers and solve so many problems. I couldn’t do that and would love to. Although this got me interested, I didn’t actually […]

Keron Taylor, People of Zero to Engineer

Although I didn’t think I would say it, breaking my wrist was a blessing in disguise. I was working at BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, as a Chemicals Operator. My job duties included driving forklifts, loading tankers and running multiple chemical reactions. This constantly put my body in danger. My wrist was broken in an […]

People of Zero to Engineer: Chris Mendez

My college experience was characterized by being completely immersed and productive. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a B.S. I studied IT and Software engineering. 90% of my time was spent online, and 10% was spent trying to understand the remaining 90%. It was enjoyable, but I wish I had spent more time getting hands-on experience. After graduating, […]