Why is long-term skill building so important for cloud?

Global businesses have recognized the need to upskill their employees over the past decade. It is imperative that IT professionals are proficient in cloud computing skills due to the digital-first approach. Cloud computing offers many other benefits, including energy savings, cost reductions, greater agility, speed, and business continuity. As the world strives for digital transformation, many organizations are now hiring […]

Why is it important for software engineers to be self-sufficient?

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Mosaic and venture capitalist, wrote an article last year that made a prediction. He stated that “software is eating all the world.” This prediction has been proven to be correct through the years. The ever-improving technology is gradually making us more dependent on it in all aspects of our lives, including entertainment, research, business, and study. […]

Why does the industry need SQL Server 2017?

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2017 is a significant step towards making SQL Server the preferred platform. SQL Server 2017 offers a wide range of data types and development languages. It also allows us to run SQL Server on Linux, Linux Docker Containers, or Windows. These new features can have a significant impact on your data. What to Expect in SQL Server […]

Why Cryptocurrency is Fueling the Next Generation Of Engineering Jobs

Bartering was the traditional way to buy in olden days. Bartering was a way to buy or exchange goods. Then, gold and silver became currencies. Today, currencies come in the form small, tangible copper coins and tearable papers that we call Dollars and Pounds and Euros and Pesos and many other. However, cryptocurrency is a unique currency which is rapidly […]

Top Programming Languages for 2022

Last updated March 9, 2022 Coding Dojo announces each year the top programming languages based upon what employers are looking to see from applicants. Software development is one of the most diverse career options. You have the option of choosing which industry you want to work in, and what programming languages you would like to learn, while you are pursuing […]

Top Programming Languages to be a Full-Stack Web Developer

You’ve made the right decision to become a full-stack developer. It’s possible to get a six-figure income by knowing both front-end and back-end technologies. We often get questions from potential students about which technologies to focus on. It’s important to be familiar with the most common programming languages and technology stacks before you jump into full-stack development. This will allow […]

Top Tips for Microsoft MB210 Exam Preparation: Can Practice Tests Help?

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional consultant Associate is one of most sought-after certifications in IT. It is a sought-after certification that many professionals strive to attain in order to demonstrate their sales skills. These professionals are responsible for implementing solutions that improve the entire business’s life cycle. They ensure that all operations run efficiently and effectively to meet any […]

Top Full-Stack Developer Jobs

Computers can now perform a large portion of the daily mundane tasks that humans do every day. Computers are now capable of doing many things, including shopping, communicating and accessing unlimited information. Technology is changing the way we live and shaping the future. Technology is changing the way that many people work and earn their living. We began by exploring […]

Cloud Security Training and Certification: Top Benefits

More business organizations are now planning to deploy people to cloud platforms. This is happening regardless of the fact that cloud services are being criticized by organizations for being less secure than private data centers on-premises. Although cloud application attacks are on a rise, there are best practices to protect cloud companies. One could keep the internal data center safe […]

What are the benefits of taking a time management course?

It is important that you have a successful strategy for managing the conflicting demands of time, relaxation, cash, and job hunting. Time management skills are important in job hunting but also in many other areas of life, such as changing jobs or working in a remote occupation. It is possible to feel that there is not enough time to do […]