Survey Compares User Types for AWS and Google Clouds A brand new survey by Clutch examines the different user types for the top three cloud providers. It found that larger enterprises prefer Microsoft Azure, while smaller businesses prefer Google Cloud Platform. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), which dwarfs Azure and GCP in overall usage, is more attractive to users who value IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offerings. These conclusions were drawn from a survey of 247 organisations, where nearly equal numbers identified themselves as cloud providers. Clutch acknowledged that these similar sample representations do not reflect overall market share numbers, where AWS is clearly the leader, but allow for a more balanced examination of user opinions. Clutch identified the following key findings in the report:

Enterprises accounted for the largest share of Azure users, while small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) accounted for the largest portion of GCP users. Organizations cited “better selections of tools/features as their top reason to choose their primary provider.” Second place was shared by “Familiarity and Brand Security” CloudWatch for AWS and Cloud Services for Azure were the most popular services […]

Survey: Azure Beats AWS in Larger Enterprises

Many cloud computing surveys are constantly being published with varying — sometimes contradicting — data points. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Microsoft Azure is the primary challenger to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), especially at the high end. Sumo Logic’s latest survey examines “The New Normal: Cloud and DevOps as well as SaaS Analytics Tools” in the modern […]

Survey: AWS leads the cloud market in uptime

In terms of security, uptime, and value, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is preferred by organizations to rivals Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. This is one of the key takeaways from a Spiceworks report titled “Public Cloud Trends 2019 and Beyond”. It also revealed that respondents preferred Azure for compatibility, while GCP was deemed the easiest to manage and most […]

Recent Survey: AWS Tops the List of High-Paying Software Skills. According to a new report, businesses are willing to pay top dollar for workers who have expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS). NovelAspect, a provider managed cloud services, recently analyzed job listings on to identify the most sought-after and lucrative IT skills. The company looked at listings for jobs in the 50 largest U.S. cities, from Oct. 5 to Oct. 12. NovelAspect found that AWS skills are the most lucrative jobs. In a blog post, the company stated that “ten of the top 20 highest-paying skills in software [were] related] to applications produced by Amazon Web Services (AWS), while the top eight on this listing were all AWS products.” NovelAspect claims that DynamoDB, AWS’ NoSQL database product is the highest-paying skill, earning an average annual salary $141,813. The skills that earned the highest salaries in NovelAspect’s study are (in alphabetical order):

Amazon Elastic MapReduce has an average salary $136,250 AWS CloudFormation, $132 308 Amazon ElastiCache, $125 625 Amazon CloudWatch, $121,980 AWS Lambda, $121,481 Amazon Kinesis, $121,429 AWS Key Management Service, $117.297 Apache Kafka, $117,234 OpenStack, $116,605 AWS Elastic Beanstalk, $114 219 Amazon Redshift, $113.950 NovelAspect also noted that the findings show the importance of cloud-based expertise. Employers ranked “cloud services” as […]

Sungard Availability Services Helps Move Workloads To AWS Cloud Sungard Availability Services has launched a new managed service to assist organizations in moving their IT workloads into the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). Sungard AS’s new managed service, Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Services, is designed to help organizations move their IT workloads to the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud. It uses a programmatic approach and provides a common management tool set to make cloud migrations, operations, and recovery easier. The managed service focuses on hybrid environments where multiple clouds, sometimes public and privately, are leveraged. Security and compliance controls are a major focus of the managed service. This is a recent area that has been highlighted by a series of vulnerability reports, often resulting in misconfigurations. (see “Security firm: No encryption on 82 percent of public cloud databases” and “Firm finds Terabytes unsecured data, personal info on cloud back-ends” for two recent examples). The company stated that security and configuration are automatically applied when creating new accounts. “An automated environment confirms customers’ workloads are secure inside AWS and Sungard AS data centres.” Other compliance and security functionality includes:

With native AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config tools, you can gather data and keep track of provisioning activity for every account. Allow and apply best-practice architecture to AWS accounts. Configure AWS globally to enforce configurations across all AWS deployments. Built-in billing alerts ensure that a team doesn’t overspend. OS management provides security-related capabilities such as monitoring, patching and anti-virus, and […]

GoDaddy Web Hoster Moves to AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services Inc.’s latest win is GoDaddy Inc., an Internet domain registrar/Web hosting company, announcing that it is “all in” with AWS and plans to migrate most of its infrastructure to AWS. GoDaddy is a domain service provider and Web host that specializes in small, independent ventures like personal websites. They have more than 17,000,000 customers worldwide and manage […]

GoDaddy Announces the End of its AWS Alternative

Web hoster GoDaddy is shuttering its Cloud Servers operation, which it launched last year as a small-business-friendly alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS). GoDaddy announced that it will cease supporting Cloud Servers in a memo sent out to users and posted online at TechCrunch. Bitnami’s apps and images will be removed from GoDaddy’s support starting Nov. 15, 2017. Bitnami was […]

Go Language SDK now in AWS Developer Preview

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has taken another step towards developing an official SDK to support the Go programming language by releasing a developer preview. AWS has released the initial SDK project, which it purchased from another company, in an experimental phase. As the project nears its official release, AWS invites more developers to play with it and give feedback. […]

AWS Certifications can give your cloud career a boost

Are you a cloud professional? AWS certifications are a great way to boost your cloud career. Learn how AWS certifications can help you advance your career. Cloud computing has brought about significant changes in the technology industry. Cloud computing is gaining popularity thanks to PaaS and IaaS solutions. Recent trends in cloud-based jobs have seen a significant increase in IT […]

GitHub Repository Lists AWS Amazingness A GitHub repository aims be your one-stop shop to find everything awesome in the Amazon Web Services Inc.’s (AWS) ecosystem. Awesome AWS is “a curated collection of awesome AWS libraries and open source repos, guides, blogs, and other resources,” according to the site. It was inspired by the “awesome” list, a curated set of awesome lists. Donne Martin, a Washington, D.C. developer, publishes the Awesome AWS repo. The Awesome AWS repo is chock full of resources of all kinds, with lists within lists. These wares are ranked by the Fiery Meter of AWSsome, which assigns fiery stars to the repositories that make it on the list. This list includes SDKs and sample code for more than a dozen languages, IDE toolkits, command-line tools, IDE toolkits, dozens of open source repositories ranging from API Gateway and Machine Learning, and guides and other documentation for programmers. It also includes: KPIs, stats, an appendix with core services; books; training materials; case studies; AWS blogs; community influencers. LinkedIn groups. Conferences. And much more. The site also refers to a “watchlist” of other resources that might be useful additions to awesome-aws. It include eight repos, four AWS services (certificate-manager, lumberyard, gamelift and gamedev) and other resources. Martin stated, “If you find anything here that you can verify, please open a pull request to begin the discussion.” To be eligible for Awesome AWS, potential repos must comply with the project’s “contributing guidelines”.

Repo community-authored with more than 100 stars Community-vouched repo with less than 100 stars Official repo from AWS Labs or AWS Labs Martin stated that “100+ stars for community repos are not a strict requirement. It only serves as a guideline to the initial compilation.” Please submit a pull request if you can vouch that a repo has [less than] […]