More business organizations are now planning to deploy people to cloud platforms. This is happening regardless of the fact that cloud services are being criticized by organizations for being less secure than private data centers on-premises. Although cloud application attacks are on a rise, there are best practices to protect cloud companies. One could keep the internal data center safe and secure behind the firewall of the business perimeter. However, there is evidence that many businesses fail to adequately secure their systems.

A cloud service can also be hosted off-site in a hyper-scale multi-tenant data centre. However, patching and stability can make them secure. There are accepted practices that can help make cloud security more secure for enterprises now that they have a better understanding of cloud companies and how to protect them. Organizations can securely consume cloud providers by using cloud security certifications and training.
(ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).
The International Data System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC),2 established their Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), coaching and certification program in 2015. The CCSP Common Body of Knowledge, (CBK), consists of six domains. These include Cloud data Security and Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Safety. Cloud Utility Security Security, Operations, Authorized & Compliance.
(ISC)2 recommends that you also study the U.S. NIST paperwork and the CSA’s CMM. The CCSP also contains information contained in the ISO/IEC 17788 :2014 Along with details about these six domains (ISC)2, recommends that you study the U.S. NIST paperwork and the CSA’s CMMM as well as the ENISA whitepaper. The CCSP also contains information from the ISO/IEC 17789 :2014 Information Technology – Cloud computing – Reference architecture. ISO/IEC 17788:2014 Information Technology – Overview and vocabulary- Cloud Computing
There are a variety of options available for training for the CCSP. ISC)2 offers a Live In-Person CBK Coaching Class that includes 5 days of coaching and costs $1995. (ISC)2 offers a Stay On-Line CBK Coaching Course that includes 5 days of coaching at $1395 and also provides an On-Demand CBK Training at $495 for current CISSPs.
These are scheduled using Pearson Vue for the CCSP exam. The analysis can take up to four hours to complete, contains 125 questions, and you must answer at least 700 of the 1000 factors. The examination costs $599.
Cloud Security Alliance
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a remarkable U.S. Federal 501c(6) vendor-independent group, was formed in late 2008. It now has over 48,000 members. The Cloud Security Alliance aims to promote and coach the use of best practices to provide cloud computing security assurance. The official mission of the CSA is to “support cloud computing with the most innovative security practices, and to train on how to use cloud computing to help protect all types of computer technologies.”
The “Security Guidance For Critical Areas of Focus In Cloud Computing” doc was created by the CSA. It is currently version 3.0. This document helps organizations identify the areas they should focus on in order to secure cloud provider services. The CSA also created the Cloud Controls Matrix. This spreadsheet provides a free listing of the most important requirements, laws, and management frameworks and maps them with the CSA’s safety zones.
The CSA also issued their Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. This vendor-independent certification certifies that a security practitioner is well-versed in cloud safety ideas and the CSA Cloud security domains. This certification requires extensive study.
CSA Steerage Model 3.0, Security Guidance For Areas of Importance in Cloud Computing

European Data of Network and Information Security Agency whitepaper “Cloud Computing”: Risks, Benefits and Recommendations for Information Security

U.S. NIST documentation (SP 800-145. SP 800-144. SP 800-146. SP 800-146. SP 500-293. SP 500-292. SP 500-299.

the CCSK certification FAQ and the CCSK Prep Information (CCSK-Prep-Guide-V3.pdf)

You can either learn online using the resources listed above or you can take one of the many classes offered by CSA and their partners. There are official CCSK Training classes that include the CCSK Base (2 days) or the CCSK Plu (24 hours).