A good story can make a difference in driving your project to a positive end result. Stories can be used to explain complex concepts, foster comradery, incite people to take action, and make project goals tangible and real.

To get the right response in a given situation, stories can grow taller. Is there a line between narrativizing your own experiences and creating fiction?

This is what we discussed in this Ask Me Anything session with Courtney Johnston & Galen Low.

Courtney and Galen, both experienced project managers in agency and consultancy projects, sat down together to answer questions from the community about their best and worst experiences using storytelling in their projects.

This AMA is a must-read if you want to learn how to leverage storytelling in your management style or if you simply want to get some ideas for your projects.

You will leave with a solid understanding of the do’s & don’ts of storytelling and some ideas for building your story collection.