Are you preparing to take the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901)? Are you looking for expert guidance? You are looking for expert guidance? We will first discuss the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901). The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901) measures the candidate’s ability to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365. This exam also examines the benefits and positioning of Dynamics 365.
Exam MB-901: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals will be retiring on June 30, 2021. There are two replacement exams for Microsoft MB-910 and MB-920.
Who should take the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901) Exam?
Microsoft suggests that candidates for this exam have a common understanding of the relevant working knowledge in an Information Technology (IT), environment. Candidates should also have an understanding of business and business issues and experience in addressing legal and security concerns for IT projects.
Candidates must also have a working knowledge of Dynamics 365 capabilities as well as Microsoft cloud computing. The candidate who passes the exam will be Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals.
Course Outline for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Exam (MB-901)
This is the most important step, as we are discussing domains or objectives of understanding all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901)exam. The final exam will depend solely on these objectives. So, let us begin. Microsoft has broken down the MB-901 exam in the following domains.
Identify Microsoft platform components to Dynamics 365 (30-35%)
First, let’s talk about integration capabilities
Secondly, describing Dynamics 365 cloud security
Explaining the benefits of role-based security
You can also describe the business value of the Microsoft Cloud
Additionally, we will identify use cases for Power Platform in Dynamics 365
You can also specify the benefits of Common Data Service
Lastly, we will describe Dynamics 365 reporting capabilities
Describe artificial intelligence and mixed realities in Dynamics 365 (10-15%)
Decribing use cases of Dynamics 365 AI
Explaining mixed reality use cases
Describe model-driven applications (25-30%)
Describing Dynamics 365 Sales’ capabilities
Also, it is important to specify the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing
We will also be explaining the capabilities and benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service
We will also be describing Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s capabilities
Describe Finance and Operations Apps (25-30%)
Dynamics 365 Finance: Explaining the capabilities
You can also describe the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources
Next, tell Dynamics 365 Business Central about the capabilities
Not to mention, describing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
Lastly, we will explain the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Commerce
Exam Details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901)
It is very important to explain the format of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901). The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals exam (MB-901) has 40-60 questions. Questions will be multiple-choice. The candidate will have 120 minutes to complete this exam. The MB-901 exam can be taken in English, Spanish, German (Simplified), French and Korean languages. The examination fee is $99 USD. The passing score for MB-901 exam is 700 on a scale from 1-1000. There is no retirement of certification. Now, let us