Calendar software allows users schedule appointments, events, tasks, and more.
Calendar software is a valuable addition to any tech stack, whether you’re a service-based company owner or a contributor who struggles to manage deadlines, milestones, and meetings simultaneously. This software can help you solve scheduling issues like overscheduling, last minute cancellations, and missing out at upcoming events.
Calendar software lets users plan business meetings, events and appointments from one central location. It offers time management, information sharing and recurring event planning features. You can also set reminders for important meetings and calendar events.
If you don’t have the budget for a premium calendar solution, we recommend that you try a free tool to see if it is worth your time before you commit to a paid one.
This article lists the top four free calendar software options (alphabetically) based upon user reviews and ratings. (Learn how we chose these products.
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Bitrix24, an online platform, offers tools for collaboration and communication as well as project management. The software allows for unlimited collaboration of group calendars. This can be used to schedule meetings, events, webinars, conference calls, and appointments for individuals, departments, or entire companies.
Bitrix24 users can create calendar events, set them as public or private, and make them visible to everyone.
For better time management, users can add calendars from other users or groups into their online calendar app. Integration with external calendars like Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar is possible.
Bitrix24 Calendar syncs automatically with the employee’s leave system. This allows you to view their absence, custom holidays, and time off directly from their calendar.
Bitrix24 provides customer support via chat and email.
*Analysis valid as of June 20222Setmore : Four staff calendars are available in a free version
Setmore is an online scheduling platform which allows users to manage all of their appointments, including webinars and video meetings, through an online calendar system. Each Setmore account comes equipped with a free booking page. This allows you to list services, availability, as well as business information online. Customers can book appointments with you using the booking page based on their availability.
Setmore also provides a booking calendar, which allows you to view your schedule and automate the scheduling process. It sends customers reminder emails and text messages to help reduce no-shows. Your calendar automatically displays details if a customer schedules an appointment through your booking page.
Setmore allows you to create multiple staff calendars from one account. You can view all of your staff members’ calendars and see their activities. To differentiate bookings, you can color-code calendars from Setmore.
Setmore’s free version supports up to four calendars for staff. If you need assistance, you can contact the customer service team by phone, email, chat, or via chat.
*Analysis valid as of June offers calendar notes with time-blocking allows you to create your own online booking website using online scheduling software. You can access and manage all of your bookings from one place with the help of the booking calendar. Your cahier allows you to edit, reschedule and cancel meetings.