Human resources are the core department of an organization. They are responsible for the retention of employees and building employer brand. The HR professionals are responsible to keep employees motivated, provide them with all the training and knowledge they need, and resolve any issues that may arise at the workplace. Human resource develops strategies that not only help to maintain a positive image of the company but also keep employees motivated and engaged in their daily tasks.
Because HR professionals are involved in many roles and decisions within an organization, it is crucial that they have certain skills and abilities. They should have knowledge in finance, management, inside and out marketing, supply chain, and other related areas. Analyzing any potential issues in the organization’s near future and taking preventive steps such as arranging training programs, activities during work hours, commissions, increments, etc. These areas will increase the organization’s value and help achieve its objectives. The HR professionals are responsible for employee branding and key roles within the organization. Human resource professionals are those who are certified and have some degree recognition. They prefer HR professionals who are internationally accepted. These certifications provide training for employees in a variety of ways, either professionally or personally. The knowledge and training provided by HR certifications is sufficient to allow the person to easily pursue his career in top organizations. found that HR-certified professionals often make more than their noncertified counterparts. This pay gap is less obvious in lower-level positions, but becomes more apparent as you move up to HR management. Many certifications are available in human resource departments that are recognized worldwide. Organizations require candidates to obtain these certifications to be able to reach the top positions. These certifications offer multiple benefits for HR professionals in many ways. The most important certifications in human resources are:
1. PHR(r), Professional in Human Resources
PHR is the right course for you if you want to learn all the laws and regulations that are associated with human resources. This course will teach you how to implement different programs and what tactics are used to manage human resources. The advantage of PHR certification is that HR professionals who have it are usually accountable to another HR professional in the organization (such the director of human resource) and have responsibilities that focus on the HR department, rather than the entire organization. After obtaining a PHR, the following positions will be available to you:
Payroll manager
HR coordinator

2. SPHR(r), Senior Professional in Human Resources
This course is designed for people who are already in senior positions in the department. SPHR will help managers become more proficient in strategy and tactics planning. The SPHR program focuses on big-picture planning. It is designed for those who are responsible for the HR department’s overall management. SPHR certification has the advantage that the candidate will be working in the Human Resource director, Human Resource consultant or labor relations manager position. This certification will increase efficiency in senior positions as human resource managers.
3. SHRM-CP: SHRM Certified Professional
SHRM-CP is the best certification for you if you are in a position to initiate, implement, and serve human resource policies. This certification is a reference point for employees and stakeholders. It also allows them to deliver HR services and perform operational HR functions. Although SHRM-CP is similar to PHR in many ways, it will help you better understand the strategy of any leader and how to execute basic human resource functions in any organization. You may be able to work as a senior HR consultant, HR director or HR manager. The certification will also give you a broad view of the basic functions and functions of human resources so that you can implement them in your organization.
4. SPHRi(r), Senior Professional in Human Resources — International
This will allow you to make professional decisions without making mistakes or making errors. This will enable the individual to learn how to initiate in the human resources department. The skills and knowledge required to work at the top