Companies are involved in large-scale activities every day. It is important for companies to keep a current record of all transactions and activities. Companies also keep records of employees. This includes personal information, performance, and other details. All information and data about an organization must be stored securely and protected with high security. Managers of companies ensure that their data is stored securely and encrypted using a secure system. This data protection process is now called information security, or InfoSec. This could include the prevention of unauthorized access to, use, disclosure or disruption of information.
Companies are required to employ managers and supervisors to ensure that they understand the security implications of information systems. Information security is a challenging job that requires a high-tech person to be able to use the technical software’s and equipment required for security systems. Information Security can be described as any form of confidential information, whether it is electronic or printed. The primary purpose of protecting and securing information is to reach the CIA level, which refers to Confidentiality Integrity and Availability.
Many certifications are available worldwide to increase the skill level and ensure that information security systems are qualified. The following are the most important certifications in Information Security:
1. GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC).
Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), is the premier provider of certifications that are internationally recognized by government officials, industry leaders, and military. This certification provides the foundation knowledge in forensics, audits and security administration. It also covers legal issues. This certification is for anyone who wants to continue their IT career using the techniques used in security tasks. It is highly recommended that learners improve their information security skills while learning how to perform security operations, in addition to the basic terminologies in Information Security.
2. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
Introduced by ISC, whose certifications not only are recognized worldwide, but are highly recommended by the organizations for many individuals who are looking to start their careers in Information Security. This program teaches basic IT skills and software to protect organizations’ information systems. Information Security managers are responsible for controlling the areas of architecture, management, design, and control. These professionals are skilled in defining the information system in a simple and easily procured manner.
This certification’s eligibility criteria is more difficult than other Information Security certifications. It requires that the candidate has sufficient information in the areas cloud computing, risk management, application development security, and other areas.
3. System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).
SSCP is very similar to CISSP, which is based upon the learning of Information Security Assurance. It was also introduced in 2007 by ISC. It is one of the most sought-after certifications in Information Security and is widely recognized. The course outline is designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able create a secure and protected environment in their business. The candidate will be provided with the most up-to-date knowledge about audits, system control, and risk management.
4. Certified Information Security Manager (CISP).
Information Systems Audit and Control Association offer internationally recognized certifications to learners in Information Systems Security. This certification enables individuals to be able to manage organizational security. The relationship between information security and business organizations is strengthened. This certification will allow the individual to learn how to manage business operations while maintaining security standards. You must have at least 3 years experience as an Information security manager to be eligible for certification.
5. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).
CISA is a highly respected certification that can be used to enhance your career in IS Audit and Control, Security Assurance and other related fields. CISA is a globally recognized certification that enhances the skills of individuals in Info Security.