Is your organization in need of a SOC team. Although this point is controversial, some organizations consider it a necessity. If you do not have one, you can start one.
What is “SOC” and who are its different security personnel? This blog post will provide more information.

The ‘Security Operations Center’ or SOC team is made up of InfoSec professionals. They are responsible for monitoring security activities and responding to security incidents. Security incidents can, despite all strategies and countermeasures, shake up organizations and bring them to their knees every now and again.
The SOC team’s primary task is to monitor the system for vulnerabilities and threats 24 hours a day and respond immediately to security incidents.
Primary duties within a SOC include:
Although most of the day may seem monotonous for a SOC Team member, when a security incident occurs, a SOC member’s job role could be energized in minutes. !
These are the primary duties of a SOC.
You can monitor raw data about login and logoff events, networks and servers, databases, endpoints, and applications.
Set up alerts to monitor various events
Keep an eye out for malicious activity by reviewing alerts
A triage of the sequences of activities should be done if malicious activities are detected
Incident responders need to be notified appropriately and threats should be resolved
A member of the SOC team is also involved with’malware analysis’ or forensics.
The various roles in a SOC
What are the roles and responsibilities of the various security personnel that make up the core SOC team? What are their roles? Let’s find out more:
The following roles make up the SOC team:
1.Security Analyst
The primary responsibility for the ‘Security Analyst’ in a SOC team is to review alerts and create tickets for malicious activity. They are the first to respond to an emergency. They ensure that all staff receive the appropriate training so that they are able to deal with all security incidents. They also review vulnerability assessment reports and run vulnerability scans.
2 Security Engineer
In a SOC team, a ‘Security Engineer’ configures the tools and solutions used to monitor various activities. They also create the procedures, requirements, and protocols.
3 SOC Manager
The SOC manager must have the same skills as a security analyst or security engineer to effectively manage the SOC team. He/She reports directly to the CISO. He/She should have excellent communication skills and be able to present the SOC results to CISO.
4 CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
The CISO is the ultimate leader of the SOC team. He/She reviews policies and procedures for the cybersecurity team. He/She also communicates security strategies and results to the top management.
Skills required to be part of the SOC Team:
Knowledge of various operating systems, such as Unix, DOS Windows, Linux, and Windows
Understanding firewalls and their configuration
Knowledge of IDS/IPS tools
Understanding of networking concepts such as routing, switching, TCP/IP and routing
Core programming languages like C++, Java and PHP are essential.
Certifications such as CISSP and CEH, Security+
We have seen all the details of the SOC team.
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