The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), certification is a boon to professionals who are looking for a brighter career path in InfoSec. It is the most internationally recognized InfoSec Certification.
Why is CISSP certification important?
The CISSP certification will allow you to start a career in information security. This certification is offered through (ISC.2) and is a type of technical certification. CISSP certification is an important one. It demonstrates your ability to design, engineer, implement, and manage information security programs.

The CISSP Certification was specifically designed for professionals in the following job fields:
Security Analyst
Security Consultant
IT Director
Network Architect
Security Systems Engineer
CISSP certification is the first certification that was accredited to ISO/IEC Standard 17024, and has established a niche in the cybersecurity industry. Many professionals are eager to become CISSP certified because they consider it a standard of achievement that demonstrates their expertise in cybersecurity.
These are the reasons that this certification is valuable:
Accepted all over the world
The CISSP credential can be accepted anywhere in the world. The majority of Fortune companies recognize the importance of this certification, and they look for CISSP certified professionals.
Benchmark for Cybersecurity Competence
According to (ISC)2, over 140,000 professionals from more than 160 countries have achieved their CISSP Certification. This speaks volumes about the popularity and value of this certification.
Long-Term Job Opportunities
Cyberattacks are a constant threat to organisations due to the high rate of malicious and cyber-crime. This has opened up long-term job opportunities for Information Security Professionals. This certification is highly preferred because it has a world-wide accepted credential. Certified professionals claim job stability and satisfaction.
Uses the Latest Technology
CISSP professionals are trained to deal with cyber threats that are increasing due to the use latest technologies such as social media engagement, bring you device, cloud computing and big data.
Highly Paid
Highly paid professionals with CISSP certification are in the Information Security field. Certified professionals can expect to earn 25% more than their peers who are not certified. The rate of salary increases is higher than in any other IT sector. According to the Tech republic Survey, CISSP was ranked number 4 among the top 15 highest-paid jobs.
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