Share this post There are so many certification options available. How can you choose the right one? Which certification will get you the best jobs and help you do your job well once you have landed a job? Which will help you get ahead?

Some people choose to do it all and earn as many certifications possible to cover their bases. Others focus their efforts on a single certification or two and then work hard to build expertise in that area.
Although there are differences in which route is best, IT managers and recruiters all agree that CompTIA Security+ is the best certification for a newbie in IT security.
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What is CompTIA Security+? Security is one of the fastest growing specializations within IT and is arguably the most important. Employers are looking for people with IT security experience and knowledge. The CompTIA Security+ certification proves that you have the necessary knowledge to protect networks and sensitive information.
CompTIA Security+ certification is vendor-neutral and covers key concepts in IT security including networks, data, host security, threats, vulnerabilities, compliance, identity control and cryptography. These credentials will show that you are able to identify and mitigate security risks and how to respond to them. CompTIA Security+ is a complement to other CompTIA certifications like CompTIA CySA+ or CompTIA Network+.
Employment Opportunities
Although it is not a requirement to work in IT security, employers prefer that applicants have the CompTIA Security+ or similar certification before they consider hiring them. Employers use certifications as a guideline for who they will interview for a job. They prioritize candidates with the certification over others. Education, work experience, and skills still have value and importance. The certification serves as proof of your knowledge.
Although most employers use CompTIA Security+ certification to screen applicants, some employers don’t value it as much. Although they see the certification to be a sign of your initiative, commitment, and commitment to the field, they don’t use it as a determining factor in job interviews or offers. Even though employers don’t value it, it is a sign of how serious you are about your career and security.
The exception to all this? The government. You must meet federal guidelines to be eligible to work in government IT jobs. These include DoD 8570 requirements. DoD 8570 requires that contractors and employees of the government have specific certifications related security and information protection. CompTIA Security+ fulfills the requirements of this directive. This directive is essential for anyone who wants to work for government agencies.
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CompTIA Security + certification is a good way to increase your earning potential. According to 2014 salary reports, IT professionals with this certification can expect to make between $75,000 and $80,000 per year. Although your location, industry, experience, and other factors can influence the amount, it is generally the average salary.
Earning the Certification
Passing an exam is required. There are multiple testing centers around the globe that offer exams. You will need to make an appointment at the closest one. It is recommended that you have the CompTIA Network+ certification and two years experience in network administration with an emphasis on security. The exam is composed of multiple choice and performance tasks. To pass, you must score at least 750 of the 900 points. To maintain your certification, you must earn at most 50 continuing education credits each three years after passing the test, which costs $339.
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Your work experience and knowledge will help you prepare for the exam. However, CompTIA and Inde can provide a wealth of training materials.